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High quality functional socks in various designs


In our extensive range of functional workwear, first-class functional socks must not be missing. We have designed high-quality socks that will definitely appeal to you and help you in your work and everyday life. Take a look around our socks portfolio and check the attractive offers.


We offer premium Merino functional socks, among others, which are known for their excellent wearing behavior and outstanding moisture management. At TESS you will find functional socks for every requirement.


No cold and damp feet thanks to functional socks


Whether in everyday life or at work - if the socks do not fit properly and the moisture is insufficiently absorbed and "processed", it can be quite uncomfortable on the feet. We have designed functional socks for warm and cold temperatures that are guaranteed to be worn by you. The TESS Premium Merino functional sock, for example, is extremely comfortable to wear. The skilful absorption of moisture and the regulation of the shoe climate thanks to the ceramic fibers are responsible, among other things, for making you feel comfortable as a wearer. This sock is also padded in various places, offers an ergonomic footbed and reduces the risk of frayed skin on the heel. The TESS Platinum Primaloft functional sock is ideal for the cold days. This model has first-class thermal properties and also regulates the climatic conditions on the foot or in the shoe.


Highly functional socks according to your ideas


Further functional socks in our portfolio: TESS Classic light Socks, TESS Classic warm Socks and TESS Premium Modal Socks. Familiarize yourself with our sock range and find out more on our website. If you are not sure which models are suitable for you, please call us. We can be reached at the service number +49 89/67 35 97 960. For written inquiries, please use this email address: For orders: We are looking forward to your contact!

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