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For many years now, the company T.ESS GmbH domiciled near Munich has been synonymous with the development and sales of innovative, functional sports underwear and socks. Based on his longstanding experience, Thomas Essers has decided to draw up concepts and create products for sophisticated customers. The products developed by T.ESS GmbH distinguish themselves through a unique philosophy in line with the zeitgeist: honest, clearly focused and intuitive collections featuring all technical product properties.

Based on the above, Thomas Essers and his team created Fire.Shelter 11612, a collection of flame-retardant seamless underwear and Fire.Shelter Lite, which is functional and protective underwear also designed on a seamless basis. The company works with the latest technology and seeks to continuously further develop its products. Fire.Shelter products meet the strict criteria of international standards and certifications and fulfil the quality requirements of professions, expecting the garments worn under their fireproof and protective workwear to offer a comfortable fit and reliable functions at a reasonable price for.


The founder Thomas Essers:

Thomas Essers (born on 1 April 1953) worked for W.L. Gore (Gore Tex) from 1988 to 1992, where he obtained essential skills and knowledge in the area of functional textiles. Back then, functional underwear and functional socks were only just beginning to emerge. In those days, Thomas Essers worked together with leading manufacturers of high-quality sportswear and casual wear and made sure that the functional underwear worked well with waterproof functional textiles.


From 1992 to 1995, Thomas Essers was the responsible Managing Director at Thorlo for Central Europe.

In 1995, Essers joined Falke, where he left his mark on the Falke Ergonomic Sportsystem until 2002. A major milestone in his career were the introduction of left and right socks and the development of the seamless technology in the area of functional textiles.


Since 2002 he has been primarily pursing the further development of his own company T.ESS.

In July 2009, he entrusted the management of the company to his son Philipp Essers and is now focusing on the new development of products and yarns in order to create even more innovative textiles.

His latest innovation is a pioneering flame- retardant seamless underwear manufactured in a 3D process using the novel duo-component knitting technology as FIRESHELTER.


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