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1. Why do I need extra industrial safety underwear?
For the same reason you need ski underwear when skiing. When the body is working hard and sweating, it is advisable to wear underwear which restores the body’s equilibrium as far as possible.



2. What effects does underwear from TESS have?

Depending on the field of work, the underwear supports the body’s cooling or heating. The Premium underwear is excellently suited to working in warm rooms or heavy manual work, as the combination of polypropylene, polyamide and polyester on the one hand reduces the body’s temperature, while also ensuring that the material dries quickly on the skin, meaning you always have a pleasantly dry feeling and simultaneously significantly reducing odours.

The Platinum underwear is well-suited to support the body as it warms up, with Primaloft inside to store warmth and polyamide outside to transport sweat and prevent pilling. The seamless construction of these two series ensures optimal fit, promoting the material’s functionality without constricting the body.

The Classic underwear is the most affordable variant, comfortably nestling up to the skin while the polyester transports moisture outwards, preventing the body from cooling.

The Fireshelter underwear has been developed for work in extremely high temperatures and around fire. This is the first underwear to fulfil the requirements of firefighters, the police and the military, as well as motorsport, while also being seamlessly knitted.


3. How does T.ESS maintain its affordable prices?

At T.ESS, we do not use any distributors, which means that the customer can benefit from prices which would otherwise be the purchase prices paid by retail customers, while the functionality and quality remain at the same level as renowned sports and workwear purchased on the retail market.





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