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High quality fire engine hood according to EN ISO13911


If you need a fire brigade hood that is of high quality and makes your work in extreme situations easier, TESS Workwear will present the right model for you. At this point, familiarize yourself with our flame retardant and certified (EN ISO13911) hoods.


The fire brigade hood designed by us has almost no seams. Only the minimal head seam is present. Seamless technology is also used for this product so that you can go to work well equipped.


Optimized fire department hood at TESS Workwear


For those who work in the fire department, flame-retardant clothing is an absolute must. We have developed a fire brigade hood that provides the best possible protection against heat and flames so that the volunteers of the fire brigade as well as the permanent civil servants can face the missions well-armed, namely where there is a fire. After many years of detailed development, we present you fire brigade hoods that have an ideal fit thanks to the seamless construction. In addition, care was taken to ensure that the helmet pressure does not impair the work of the firefighters and that the efficiency is impaired. Our hoods have been designed so that the face area is free of pressure and, thanks to a special structure, both breathing circulation and noise absorption have been optimized. But not only the fire brigade likes to use our product innovations, fire-resistant equipment is also required for motor racing. If our flame-retardant and heat-resistant bonnets are used, the pilot can concentrate fully on the racetrack. Wherever fire and heat can occur in everyday work, our flame-retardant, seamless products are the ideal solution.


Buy balaclava with a perfect fit


If you want to buy a balaclava, a fireproof hood or balaclava, you will find the right solution in the TESS Workwear range. Familiarize yourself with our extensive product range and find out about the perfect processing of balaclavas, long and T-shirts, functional socks etc.

When you buy balaclava from us at a fair price, you can be sure that they are designed so that you can work safely. Even motorcyclists who want first-class protection under the helmet are well equipped with our innovation.

The illustrations give you an impression of how the hood looks with optimized freedom of movement thanks to its close fit and large field of vision. During the conception, we also made sure that breathing and hearing through the hood are affected as little as possible. The material used is composed as follows: 50% viscose (Lenzing FR), 46% metaaramid, 3% elastane and 1% carbon. If you want to buy our certified (EN ISO 13911) balaclava, please do not hesitate to contact us and let us advise you in detail.


Buy high quality balaclava directly from the experts


At TESS you can buy flame-retardant balaclava online, which are characterized by an optimal fit and maximum comfort. Great attention was paid to details with this product, too, so that in the end we were able to present a balaclava, often referred to as a storm mask or ski mask, which definitely leaves nothing to be desired. If it is important to you that the hood feels pleasantly soft on the skin, you are on the safe side with this product. The fact that we work meticulously on our products in order to provide you with a high-performance article is wonderfully apparent from this example alone: ​​the development for the balaclava, or firefighter hood, took a total of four years. Even if it sounds like a long time, our product developers have successfully used this time.

If you want to take advantage of the first-class functions of our fire department hood, you can easily order our certified product in our online shop. All information and our proudly published certificates are available in our online program. Feel free to contact us if you have further information about this. Our telephone number is as follows: +49 89 67 35 97 960.

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