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The new Platinum 3D seamless winter underwear. We use Primaloft yarn to retain the skin’s heat better than many other materials. We call it the “intelligent synthetic merino”. It offers warmth without annoying moisture retention. The drying time is reduced by approximately 40%, meaning that thermal bridges, which can lead to cooling, are barely noticeable. The ergonomic fit, with a 3D knit structure, supports the body through physical strain rather than constraining it. The balanced ratio of carefully coordinated moisture and air channels maximises the comfort offered by this exclusive underwear. Soft cuffs and flat seams make it even more pleasant to wear. On the outer side, polyamide 6.6 ensures high wear resistance and minimises pilling. The new Primaloft yarn on the inside immediately stores the skin’s heat.

Ergonomics and carefully chosen materials make the product so exclusive.

By pre-washing the material and avoiding elastane, shrinking after washing is limited to a maximum of 2%.

The Platinum underwear is particularly well-suited to working outdoors, as well as in winter and in cold warehouses. It is even suitable for skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports.

TESS Platinum Long Shirt Men

SKU: 420310015
  • Properties:

    Moisture conducting, temperature regulating, bacteriostatic, odour minimising


    51% polyester (Primaloft), 49% polyamide

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Bildschirmfoto 2018-11-16 um
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