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This super light Premium underwear rests comfortably on the skin without restricting the body. A sophisticated ventilation system with carefully balanced mesh structures and ventilation channels ensures a comfortable environment for the skin, no matter the season. The integrated polypropylene has a bacteriostatic effect, reducing unpleasant perspiration odours. The use of micro polyamide 6.6 provides high wear resistance, which reduces pilling, among other things. The 3D knitted structure envelops the body without constricting it. The blended materials swiftly transport moisture outwards, resulting in the ideal temperature for the skin. Pre-washing of the products means that the underwear has a shrinkage rate of less than 2%.

Thanks to its versatile advantages, the underwear is not only perfect all year round for wear outside, but also in warm rooms and for physically demanding work, such as the operation of heavy machinery, as well as in the areas of gastronomy, kitchen work or hospital work.

With its high level of functionality, the underwear can also be worn while exercising

TESS Premium T-Shirt Women

SKU: 410200015
  • Properties:

    Moisture conducting, temperature regulating, bacteriostatic, odour minimising


    42% polypropylene, 29% polyester,

    29% polyamide


Bildschirmfoto 2018-11-16 um
Bildschirmfoto 2018-11-16 um
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